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Who is Baylor Business?

Our top priority is to develop accomplished leaders with integrity, purpose, a desire to contribute and who are mindful of their impact on the community. Guided by a Christian commitment, our culture champions life-long learning, highly-regarded scholarship and service to others.

What are the Baylor Advantages?

  • Return on Investment

    A Baylor MBA is one of the best investments you can make in your future. The skills, knowledge, and insight you will gain translates directly to greater career opportunities.

  • Leading with Integrity

    Factored into every aspect of the Baylor Executive MBA Program is an ethical focus. Along with offering instruction in the traditional business tenet of maximizing shareholder value, we focus on teaching you to consider the possible ethical consequences of business decisions.

  • Baylor Business Faculty

    Exceptional professors, who have a passion for partnering with you in your education, provide practical application of business solutions that has an immediate impact on Monday.

  • Domestic and International Study

    The program includes two customized learning experiences. A domestic trip to Washington, D.C. addresses public policy and international issues affecting corporate America. An international trip exposes students to issues and challenges inherent in conducting business on a global scale.

  • Mind and Body

    Baylor approaches the Executive MBA in a holistic fashion. Located at the world renowned Cooper Aerobics Center, we include health and wellness perks that will engage not just your mind, but also your body and spirit.

    Read about our approach in the following articles:

  • Collaborative Environment

    Baylor's core values attract students with diverse backgrounds and a desire to lead with integrity and serve others. Our intimate environment and small class size fosters collaborative interaction among high caliber students who challenge each other and build lifetime connections.

  • Customer Service

    At Baylor, students are a top priority. We anticipate and respond to the needs of individual students which ease the stress that can be associated with juggling full-time employment, family commitments and a rigorous MBA program.

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