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Who is Baylor Business?

We aim to develop accomplished leaders with integrity, purpose, and a desire to contribute, while always being mindful of their impact on the community.

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Yes, our program is rigorous and challenging, but hard work doesn't have to come with hard knocks. That's why we've built our EMBA program to support the life you already lead, not disrupt it. In other words, we've adapted our program to directly address the 5Cs that keep students from taking the next step: commitment, cost, commute, confidence, and class size.

Eliminating these hurdles puts the prestigious Baylor EMBA in your direct line of sight, empowering you to get the most out of this experience and really benefit from the Baylor Advantages.

About the Baylor Advantages

  • Return on Investment

    What makes a Baylor MBA an invaluable investment in your future? Along with competitively priced tuition that makes us more affordable, the prestige of a big-name MBA, and the #1 in Salary Increase in Texas (Financial Times 2017), our program gives you the knowledge and confidence you need to adapt and thrive in your field. Instead of fearing sacrifices, you can focus on gaining the real-world experience necessary to not just keep up with the ever-changing business landscape, but to lead it.

  • Passionate Faculty

    The Baylor EMBA program in Dallas is taught by a mix of tenured faculty from the Baylor University Campus in Waco and top executives from key industries – thoughtfully selected to bring a unique balance to the program. This combination of academic excellence and industry experience gives you a well-rounded perspective of the business world, as well as providing insight into the practical applications of your increased knowledge and skillset. And it all comes from the minds and hearts of a faculty whose greatest professional goal is to see you succeed.

  • Strong Ethical Leadership

    We take ethics very seriously. This is factored into every aspect of the Baylor Executive MBA Program. Aside from the traditional business tenet of maximizing shareholder value, we focus on teaching you to consider with confidence the possible ethical consequences of business decisions.

  • Three Real World Learning Experiences

    At Baylor, we offer three customized learning experiences to help our students gain real world familiarity. The first, Residency I, is a week of study at the Baylor campus in Waco centered around leadership. The second is a domestic trip to Washington, D.C. that addresses public policy and international issues affecting corporate America. The third is an international trip that exposes students to issues and challenges that are inherently a part of conducting business on a global scale. These types of learning experiences are another way that our students can build confidence and ensure that they’re able to apply all of their knowledge in a real-world setting.

  • Collaborative Environment

    Baylor is all about collaboration. One of our core values is to attract students with diverse backgrounds and who possess a desire to lead with integrity and serve others. Our small class sizes create an intimate environment that encourages collaborative interaction among our bright shining students so that they can challenge each other and build lifetime connections.

  • Customer Service

    We want our students to know that we’re as committed to them as they are to this program. They are our top priority, and it’s important that they know we’re always here to help. By anticipating and responding to the needs of each individual student, we can ease some of the stress that comes with juggling full-time employment, family and a rigorous MBA program. Because ultimately, we want this big commitment to be as manageable as possible.

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