Dallas EMBA

Charles R. Thomas

Executive MBA Program - Dallas

Adjunct Professor

Student Profile - Thomas (LG)

Dr. Thomas joined the Baylor faculty in 2007. He has taught graduate courses in managerial accounting and managerial finance in the Dallas EMBA program. On a fulltime basis in Dallas, he serves Southwest Airlines leading a small team of researchers supporting all aspects of Southwest's operations. Prior to joining Southwest, Dr. Thomas served in public accounting.

Dr. Thomas' research interests include accounting information systems, design of information for performance evaluation, interactions between marketing, sales, planning, and production in mature firms, asymmetries in cost behavior, applications of complexity science, and behavioral aspects of accounting. He is co-author of "Shifting Perspectives: Accounting, Visibility, and Management Action" (with C. J. McNair, Lidija Polutnik, Holly H. Johnston, and Jason Augustyn) in Advances in Management Accounting, Volume 11 (Epstein and Lee, editors, 2003). Dr. Thomas has presented to conferences on topics including supply chain management, applying complexity science, and activity-based costing. He is past president of the Mid-Cities Association of CPAs.

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