Dallas EMBA

Stacey McGee

Executive MBA Program - Dallas

Baylor EMBA 2012
Associate Chief Financial Officer, Abilene Christian University

"Cultivating Her Love of Learning"

Student Profile - McGee (LG)

Stacey McGee wanted to learn more. Growing up with a grandmother who returned to school at age 50 to pursue her dreams, Stacey has always had a strong desire to continue learning in all stages of life. "When I was a young child she would routinely talk about how important it was to get an education and she instilled in me and my cousins a life-long desire to continue to learn," she says. It is precisely this desire that led Stacey to pursue her MBA.

The New Mexico native worked in public accounting for 10 years, and is currently the Associate Chief Financial Officer for Abilene Christian University, as well as a wife and mother of four. Stacey sees earning her MBA as an opportunity to increase her personal ROI. "I'd like to expand out of the accounting field into a more well-rounded business focus," she says.

For Stacey, the three and a half hour drive from Abilene to Dallas every other week for classes is worth every mile. For someone working at a University, attending an MBA program at a school with national recognition is a must, she explains. "People who work in higher education know that Baylor has a national reputation." The convenient schedule at Baylor was another huge factor in Stacey's MBA decision. "Baylor's weekend program was one of the only schools that fit well with my schedule; I need to be able to work full time while attending school."

Stacey's love of learning has taken her to new heights, and is already opening up doors in her career. The quality of Baylor's professors, classes, and the other students in Stacey's cohort has impressed her, she says. "We are an extremely diverse group - and very talkative!" She explains that hearing the personal experiences as they relate to what is being taught in the classroom puts immediate application to their lessons. "The focus at Baylor is 'how are you going to use this now?' and that type of teaching atmosphere holds the most value for me."

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