Dallas EMBA

Elizabeth Lee

Executive MBA Program - Dallas

Baylor EMBA 2012
Strategic Account Executive, Nike, Inc.

"Leading with Confidence"

Student Profile - Lee (LG)

There was never any doubt that Elizabeth Lee would pursue an MBA, the only question for her was when. Elizabeth set a goal for herself: to be a brand manager for a global consumer goods business. When she finally decided to earn an MBA, Elizabeth searched for a program that would give her the skills and confidence she needed to advance her career to the next level. "I wanted to gain respect and leadership skills from a prominent program and school," Elizabeth says. "Baylor's emphasis on leadership, collaboration, and ethics was a deciding factor for me."

Preferring to learn from her classmates rather than compete with them, Elizabeth was pleased to find at Baylor a diverse group of people she could connect with outside of work and the classroom. "The varying experience each student had to offer and the collaborative nature of the cohort" was just what she wanted from her classmates. "The program brought together people from different industries with different skill sets to create an exciting and enriching environment."

Elizabeth credits her immigrant parents for shaping her strong work ethic and her classmates and professors for challenging and supporting her when the coursework was demanding. "I was surrounded by intelligent, motivated individuals and the interaction we had in the classroom was an integral part of the experience," says Elizabeth. "The little details became the big reasons why I believe the Baylor Dallas EMBA program was the best program to advance my career and provide a personally rewarding experience that has stayed with me a long way." Building upon her merchandising and brand management experience, Elizabeth was promoted during the program to a strategic role focused on global pricing. As she continues to advance her career in the consumer goods industry, Elizabeth believes part of the credit is certainly attributed to the knowledge she gained from the Baylor Dallas EMBA program.

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