Dallas EMBA

Kevin Langston

Executive MBA Program - Dallas

Baylor EMBA 2011
President and CEO, Langston Contruction, Inc.

"From the Job Trailer to the Boardroom"

Student Profile - Langston (LG)

Kevin Langston didn't intend to join the family business. After earning a degree in History with a minor in English from Baylor, he planned on attending law school. The summer after he graduated, he worked at his father's commercial construction company while applying to law schools. Fast-forward fifteen years and he was still in his native Lufkin serving as Executive Vice President of Langston Construction, Inc.

His father's pending retirement meant Kevin had the opportunity to become a brand-new business owner. Despite his experience in the business, he realized he knew his way around a construction site a lot better than he could navigate a financial statement. "Obtaining an MBA would benefit me tremendously when faced with decisions that relate more to the business side and less from the construction side," Kevin says.

The classroom environment at Baylor "resembles a seminar setting, rather than a formal classroom." Kevin appreciates that the professors at Baylor "recognize that we all have something to contribute with our diverse backgrounds." Kevin continues, "Baylor capitalizes on using adjunct professors that teach while holding high profile jobs in their field of expertise. It sets Baylor's faculty apart."

In addition to obtaining his MBA, Kevin was hoping to find a network of colleagues beyond the construction industry that would stay with him after he completes the program. He finds interacting with fellow students extremely valuable and has formed lasting connections. "I depend on my study group for support, assistance, fun, and much more," he says. Study groups form naturally in many different ways. "The flexibility to be able to choose your study group enhances the learning experience and fosters life-long friendships," he explains. "I cannot stress enough how beneficial being in a study group is to the overall experience of the program." With MBA in hand, Kevin now serves as President and CEO of Langston Construction, Inc.

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