Technology Center

Web Programming

Baylor Business Technology Center

The Technology Center provides web site support which includes the following:

  • Setting up the site in the Baylor cms
  • Implementing the desired template design and page structure
  • Building form/survey/evaluation/reservation pages and implementing data base support which includes the ability to see each individual response or to access an excel spreadsheet with all responses
  • Building forms to send custom email with form information to faculty/staff and/or email back to responder
  • Rudimentary cms/html training. For more in depth training, look for web page training at
  • Support for cms concerning usage, adding photos, galleries, multimedia, giving/removing access to pages, page redirects, mass emails
  • Building reports based on data stored in response to forms/surveys
  • Designing and developing custom web/windows applications as needed
  • Digital Measures administrator and providing support for Digital Measures data updates/additions/corrections
  • Business School directory support
  • Automating work processes
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