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Technology Center

Administrative Services

Baylor Business Technology Center

Administrative Services personnel maintain confidentiality of materials handled and files created.

Administrative Services Provided Include:
Word Processing
Class Handouts
Merging documents, labels, or envelopes for mailouts
Data Entry
Database creation
Tape Transcription
Miscellaneous Typing
HTML documents for web use
Fill-in forms
PowerPoint presentations
Drawings for transparencies, etc.
Color printing

Submitting a Job to Administrative Services Procedure

  1. Obtain a Service Request form from your departmental administrative assistant of from the administrative office. Complete the form with clear, concise instructions.
  2. Determine your department's procedure for sending work to Administrative Services.
  3. Place the job, with the completed Service Request form, in the INCOMING JOBS tray in the Administrative Services office in the Technology Center.
  4. When completed, your department's administrative assistant will be notified by email or phone that the job has been completed and is ready to be picked up.
  5. Completed jobs, with the exception of exams, are available for pickup in the COMPLETED JOBS tray in the Administrative Services office. Exams will be kept in a locked, secure area. When picking up exams, please ask for them specifically.

NOTE: Each department must provide any supplies needed for a specific job. This includes letterhead, envelopes, and/or Avery labels.

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