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Baylor Business Technology Center

The Technology Commons and the Technology Commons Learning lab is located on the second floor of the Paul L. Foster building in rooms 201/202. The Technology Commons has 38 computers and the Technology Commons Learning Lab has 44 computers which may be reserved by faculty/staff.

The Technology Commons Lab is available to all students. All students enrolled in at least one class in the Business School during the fall and spring semesters will automatically have access to the lab as part of the HSB Electronic Resources Fee (except students enrolled in BUS 1125, BUS 3302, BUS 3303, LDS 1101, LDS 3101). Other students that want access to the lab must register for the $25 HSB Technology Commons Lab fee.

HSB Technology Commons Lab: FREE SUMMER

Baylor students of any major enrolled in a summer class will have access to free use of the HSB Technology Commons Lab for the summer session. It is located at the Paul L. Foster Campus for Business and Innovation, Rooms 201/202. This offer is valid from May 29-July 2 and July 5-August 8.

For more details, contact or call 254-710-4137.

Technology Commons users will have access to

  • Storage space on the p: drive
  • 300 pages worth of extra Paw Prints
  • Color printer
  • Scanner stations
  • Team Rooms within the Foster building
  • Check-out Lightning Digital AV Adapter (HDMI) for Apple devices to use in Team Rooms*
  • Check-out Moshi Mini Display Port to HDMI (Thunderbolt to HDMI) for Apple devices to use in Team Room*

* - requires leaving driver license for security deposit until returned.

Lab Access Information

Students not automatically given an account can sign up for access to the lab by paying the $25 HSB Technology Commons Lab fee. To sign up for the lab fee, review the Technology Commons Lab policies and fill out the form here. Turn in the form to the lab assistants.

Remember: To login, use your Bear_ID and email password, not your Baylor ID Number.

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