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As part of the Career Management office at the Hankamer School of Business, we want to help connect you with the high quality students produced by our programs.

Our students offer a unique blend of talent and ethical leadership, and we would enjoy the opportunity to introduce you to our best candidates.

For more information or to set up an appointment, contact Jeffrey Stubbs, Director of Undergraduate Career Management, (254) 710-4497 or Michael Estepp, Director of Graduate Career Management, (254)710-7662.


"...we're attracted to Baylor graduates because of their excellent academic preparation, outstanding problem solving and critical thinking skills, diverse extracurricular experience, and leadership qualities that make them well suited for the dynamic business of consulting."

Booz Allen Hamilton

"...This unique blend of education, experience and culture equips Baylor graduates to deliver high quality work at Booz Allen, which has clients across the federal government and beyond."


"At Deloitte, we are looking to attract and retain the best and brightest talent with a mix of solid technical training; analytical and communication skills; and real-world, professional experience. Baylor students certainly fit these criteria and can be very valuable to our organization and our clients."

ExxonMobil's Tax Reporting and Analysis Center

"We have found that Baylor graduates are very willing to be trained and work hard toward the organization's objectives."

Goldman Sachs

"Baylor graduates have done extremely well here at the firm and we are excited by our continued relationship with this school, as some of these graduates will be the leaders of our tomorrow."


"...Baylor University graduates are attractive to Halliburton because of the depth and strength of their education..."

JPMorgan Chase

"...Ultimately, I know the graduates will hit the ground running and quickly make an impact. Their skills and talents need little guidance."

Konica Minolta

"...Graduates from Baylor are well-prepared for the diverse business challenges that professional selling brings in the age of digital technology."


“I have found that Baylor students are the most well-rounded students, both academically and culturally. Baylor students care about what they are doing and are the most likely to succeed. They are quick to adapt to the work environment."

Lockheed Martin

“Lockheed Martin has a long history of hiring Baylor University graduates for their impressive talent and the core skills they learn that prepare them for professional life..."

Spurs Sports & Entertainment

"...Baylor University does a superb job or preparing their graduates for success in the real business world as well as providing them valuable life skills."


"...Baylor graduates are forward-thinking change agents, intrinsically guided by principles which acclimate well into USAA’s culture and translate into results for our valued members."

Vision Research Capital Management

"At Vision, we are committed to working with individuals that demonstrate effective leadership, a high learning curve and exceptional character; Baylor graduates typically exhibit all of these elements."

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