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Job Placement Success

Undergraduate - BBA

For the 2014 academic year 56% of our Hankamer Business School Undergraduates were placed at graduation. Accounting, Distribution Management, Professional Selling, Management Information Systems (MIS), Sports Sponsorship and Sales as well as Entrepreneurship had placement activity higher than 60% in the same period.

Academic year 2015 (summer ’14, fall ’14 and spring ’15 graduation classes) has seen increased recruiting demand for our Undergraduates. We anticipate the overall at graduation placement average for our Hankamer Business School Undergraduates will exceed 60%.

Gradaute - MBA

In 2015 Baylor MBA students had success landing full time jobs with 87% placement at graduation and 96% within 90 days. The 2016 job placement numbers are looking strong as well with December 2015 graduates attainting 75% placement at graduation and 100% within 90 days of graduation.

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