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Baylor Business Career Management

Career Management Resources

  • Career Playbook
    A reference for students and alumni to use during all phases of their personal career management process from building a resume, to the search for the appropriate job through the interview process.
  • Jobscan
    Jobscan will analyze your resume using a job description as the filter. Jobscan helps you optimize and fit your resume to the job description and allows your resume to get past appliant tracking systems.
  • Career Leader
    Career self-assessment built on the premise that one’s interests, motivators and skills will drive their future career success and satisfaction.
  • Building a Great LinkedIn Profile
    Information found here will help you to set up your professional brand.

Job Search Engines

Resources devoted to job and internship placement

  • Careershift
    Named "The Best Job Search Tool on the Internet," CareerShift is available to Baylor University’s students who can find current job connections and make new connections.
  • Indeed
    Indeed enables its users to search jobs posted on thousands of job search websites.
  • LinkedIn
    LinkedIn enables you to build your professional identity online and connect with professionals all over the world. Use it to discover career opportunities and get the latest in business news and trends.

General Resources

  • Hankamer Student Resources
    Student resources page for all business majors.
  • Company Research
    Always ask yourself 3 Whys... Why the position? Why the company? Why the industry? Use these tools to answer your 3 Whys.


  • Behavioral Interview
    The behavioral interview is the most common type of interview. Learn more about the STAR formula and how to use it for answering all behavioral questions.
  • Case Interviewing
    Companies often need to see how you think through problems. This section will help you prepare for case interviewing.
  • Case 101
    • An assortment of cases used by different companies.

Salary Negotiations

  • 15 Pieces of Negotiation Advice
    Video where Deepak Malhotra, the best-selling author of "Negotiation Genius" and "I Moved Your Cheese," offers 15 pieces of negotiation advice, followed by Q&A.
  • Cost of Living Research Tool
    Research the cost of living in the job location to ensure that you are receiving a competitive salary offer for the area.
  • Salary Information Research Tool
    Research what competitive salaries are for the position to which you are applying.
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