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Paul J. Meyer Christian Leadership in Business Endowment

Business Ethics & Leadership

Paul & Jane Meyer

The Paul and Jane Meyer Family Foundation created the Paul J. Meyer Christian Leadership in Business Endowment to promote a Christian perspective on business leadership within the Hankamer School of Business. Activities made possible by this endowment will ensure that business students and the general student body will have the opportunity to be exposed to those that exemplify the Christian faith within the business community.

Paul J. Meyer is considered by many to be the founder of the self-improvement industry as it exists today. A celebrated trailblazer and leader of the multibillion-dollar self-improvement industry, Meyer founded Success Motivation Institute Inc. in 1960 and dedicated it to "motivating people to their full potential." His flagship company has grown into an international group of companies marketing his materials in more than 60 countries and in 23 languages with others in progress. Combined sales exceed $2 billion worldwide, which surpasses the sales of any other self-improvement author.

Also a best-selling author, Meyer's books include Fortune, Family & Faith, Chicken Soup For The Golden Soul, Forgiveness . . . The Ultimate Miracle, The 5 Pillars of Leadership, I Inherited a Fortune!, and Unlocking Your Legacy. Meyer also is the subject of Dr. William M. Hinson's book, The Joy Of Giving-The Paul & Jane Meyer Story, which illustrates Meyer's principles for stewardship.

Paul J. Meyer spent the latter years of his life in Waco, Texas. He is survived by his wife, Jane, three sons, two daughters, and 15 grandchildren. Jane continues to serve others and promote Paul's legacy and their shared spirit of generosity through the Paul and Jane Meyer Foundation.

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