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Business Ethics & Leadership

Business as Mission

Business Ethics & Leadership

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Group Photo of Mission participants

Manchester, UK
May Minimester

  • Serving and Growing
  • Putting business skills to use in gospel-focused ways
  • Consulting with local entrepreneurs
  • Hosting ethics initiatives with local young professionals
  • Studying, learning, and praying about using your own vocation as an
    • ambassador for Christ

    Ethics Seminar Group
    A group of students poses while on the May trip to the UK
    A cohort gathers in front of a coffee shop in the UK

    “The Business as Mission trip to the UK was a fruitful experience filled with moments that built my confidence, expanded my knowledge, and helped me learn a little more about the direction God is leading me. To get to know the entrepreneurs we met with and provide suggestions for improving their businesses was an awesome, kingdom-building experience.”

    -Kendall Simpson

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