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Business Ethics & Leadership

Sujatha Kashyap

Business Ethics & Leadership

Sujatha Kashyap currently leads the Cognitive Systems Performance division at IBM, which comprises a global team that provides design guidance for future IBM chips and systems, including systems targeted for artificial intelligence such as the Summit supercomputer. Prior to this, Kashyap was at IBM Research, leading projects focused on using AI to augment human skills, including one aimed at helping low-literacy adults by converting text into pictures for easier comprehension. Over the course of her career, Kashyap has held a broad variety of technology roles, spanning hardware design and architecture to operating systems, middleware, and cloud deployments. She was the principal architect of the Big Data platform at GE, and was VP of Products of a container storage startup aimed at simplifying Big Data deployments.

Kashyap holds a Ph.D. in Distributed Systems from the University of Texas at Austin and holds over 30 issued patents.

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