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Business in Europe

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Baylor Business in Europe

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Don't Take Our Word For It....

This is what students have to say about their experiences in the Baylor Business in Europe Summer study abroad program:

"Baylor Business in Europe is a wonderful overview of the European continent. Though the trip is never in more than one spot for five days, I feel that I fully got to experience the European culture. The experiential learning the trip provides is unparalleled. The cost, timeframe, and itinerary of the trip make it the best summer study abroad program at Baylor."

- Savannah Newman, Entrepreneurship, '17

"It is a great way to spend the summer. It opened my mind to the idea of touring like a local. We didn't just do tourist things, we go to stay in more local areas and see and experience how the locals live. Because of this trip my desire to travel the globe is stronger than ever. And it doesn't seem too scary anymore."

- Ranti George, Accounting / International Business, '17

"It is a great way to explore Europe and you get the full experience, from living to traveling to seeing incredible sites! Plus, everything is so well planned. BBE knows the ins and outs of each city, so it really is the most efficient, most exciting, and least stressful way to see Europe if you have never been."

- David Carter, Finance / Entrepreneurship, '16

"Baylor Business in Europe is a once in a lifetime experience. You make memories in Europe and make friends that will last a lifetime. You experience the beauties and culture of Europe and it is something that you will never forget. And it is great that you are able to experience that with fellow Baylor students. You might not know anyone when you sign up for the program, but at the end of the program you will be great friends with your fellow participants! It’s fun and you should go on an adventure with Baylor Business in Europe.

- Anna Marie Yu, Marketing, '16

"This is a once in a lifetime experience. This trip was eye-opening on so many levels. I was able to study abroad in several countries across Europe and still complete two courses. There is no other way I would have been able to do all of these things in such a short period of time."

- Sara Turbyfill, International Business / Entrepreneurship, '15

"I think the trip's activities were all enriching in a different way, and that's what I wanted from this trip, so I am more than pleased. I had an amazing time, and it is all that I can talk about since I have come home. I think I am starting to annoy people here but I don't care. This trip was amazing and they all need to know that."

- Matt Naden, Accounting, '15

"Baylor Business in Europe fulfilled all my dreams of Europe. I have seen great places — man-made and God-made — and have met the most wonderful and inspiring people."

- Margaret Alba, Marketing, '15

"I felt like I traveled the world. I got to see and experience so much all within five weeks. I made some incredible friends on the trip and we made memories that will last a lifetime."

- Annie Routh, Business Fellows, '16

"Thank you so much for everything! I had the most amazing time. It was definitely an experience that I will cherish forever."

- Lauren Gute, Accounting, '15

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