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Baylor i5

"The i5 Program is a once in a lifetime experience that will leave you with a sense of the real business world, tools to excel in the classroom and the workplace, incredible photos of the world’s wonders, and lifelong friends from all over the globe."
- Kelsea Askew, Baylor Business Fellows, i5 2012

"This is a wonderful experience for those who want to be global leaders. You will learn real business ethics and knowledge that you cannot achieve from school."
- Sung Jae Lee, Int’l Business Mgmt, Petra University, i5 2012

"The i5 program was, for me, a life changing experience and one of the highlights of my academic career. It allowed me to experience another culture on a personal level, and the international business experiences I received through i5 have already been invaluable in my career. In fact, my experience in i5 led to my current full-time position with The Marco Company, an i5 sponsor. I also forged lasting relationships with both Chinese and American students that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Overall, the program far exceeded my expectation in every way."
- Bryan Gregory Baylor MBA & The Marco Company

"For me this program was all about seeing the other side of engineering - the business side versus the design and programming and how it all fits together.
By participating in i5 I think I’m more well-rounded from all that I got to see and experience while I was in China, plus the opportunity to do in-depth, professional work."
- Sequoyah Johnson Computer Science

"The [Chinese students] were very driven and dedicated to the project - such hard workers and great people to work with. I was surprised to realize that the Chinese students and faculty we encountered were mostly like us and had a similar sense of humor. [This experience] showed me that the people of the world are a lot more like each other than we realize."
- Kevin Rooney Computer Science

"One of the concepts we learned about is "Guanxi." We don’t really have a direct translation for it here, but it pertains to the relationship of friendship and trust between companies and individuals. It’s important to have Guanxi to do business effectively in China."
- Jessica Stout Computer Engineering

"Thinking about the things in a different way, having more passion on the work, accepting other cultures or the ideas of different people more smoothly and many things like those are what I have got from i5 program. And I believe that what I have got from i5 program will helps me a lot in the rest of my life."
- Jake International Trade - USST

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