i5 in China is life changing!

i5, "Immersion into International Interdisciplinary Innovation," is both an internship and study abroad program focused on technology commercialization projects for partner companies. Project-sponsoring companies may be headquartered in the US, Asia or Europe, but all are competing in global markets.

Students from Business, Science and Engineering, and Intellectual Property Law work together in student-led teams on real-world technology commercialization projects.

i5’s unique combination of:

  • Cross-cultural students
  • Cross-discipline participation
  • Professional coaching
  • Proprietary, proven methodology

is the key to successful technology ventures in rapid, global and competitive markets.


  • Investment in education is high-impact and high-value
  • Multiply your impact and accelerate innovation implementation
  • Exposure to new markets and research methods that are cost-effective
  • Potential job offers with corporate sponsors
  • Training in a proven process for commercialization
  • Cross-cultural, cross-discipline teams offer unique solutions