Executive MBA Program in Austin

Executive MBA Program in Austin


Baylor EMBA Alum, Libby Cain, and Her Path to Mission Marketing

Jan. 3, 2018

Libby Cain HeadshotLibby Cain (MBA 2015) is a Senior Vice President and Manager of Mission and Marketing Strategy at Extraco Banks, a $1.4 billion privately-held community bank with 15 locations across central Texas. Libby earned her MBA from the Baylor Executive MBA program in Austin in 2015.

Like many liberal arts majors, when Libby Cain graduated from Baylor University in 1996 with an undergraduate degree in English, she didn’t know quite what to do with it. She wound up in publishing, only to realize that the design aspect (rather than acquisitions or editing) excited her the most, and she set about teaching herself the fundamentals of the industry.

In 1999, Extraco Banks had just formed an internal marketing department and hired Libby as their first graphic designer. Over the next decade, she worked her way up the corporate ladder from Marketing Specialist to Vice President, Director of Marketing—the highest position she could hold without an MBA. “I’d always wanted my masters, but couldn’t afford it right after undergrad,” says Libby. “It was actually my husband who said, ‘Hey, this is a really good time for you to go back to school. You should do it.’”

At the time, Libby was working 50-hour weeks, and had her hands in almost every Extraco pot. Although she wanted to move into the executive ranks, she questioned her ability to add another responsibility to the mix, especially since it would entail a weekly commute from Waco. When both her husband and parents further encouraged her, she approached Extraco about her options. “I want to do this,” she told her manager, “to prepare me for future leadership opportunities at Extraco.”

Long story short, Libby became the first Extraco-sponsored female employee to go through Baylor’s Executive MBA program in Austin. As part of the MBA experience, Libby was invited to participate in Extraco’s CLIPPER program, an 18-month internal corporate leadership program. Libby was variously deployed to every department in the company to gain “a good generalist’s perspective on how all the departments run,” the idea being that she could work in any division upon graduation.

Libby hails her time on Baylor’s Austin campus as “one of the best things” she’s ever done in her life. “It was fabulous,” she says. “I grew so much personally and professionally over those 20 months. From the classes to my classmates to the professors to the trips, it was top-notch across the board.” Having attended Baylor as an undergraduate student, she didn’t so much as consider another school, already believing Baylor to be the best of the best.

She graduated in 2015, and as promised, moved into a brand-new position (created just for her!) as Senior Vice President, Manager of Mission and Marketing Strategy. “Compared to traditional marketing,” Libby explains, “mission marketing is focused on why we do what we do, versus how we do it.” She’s spent the past two years working with Extraco’s CEO to help create the Mission Marketing foundation that all future customer and employee engagement efforts will build upon.

It’s something she learned at Baylor: the importance of engaging employees and consumers equally for the best customer experience. “Are we making the difference that we think we’re trying to make?” Libby asks. “That’s the question.” She’ll know the answer when the bank’s new brand campaign launches in January 2018.


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