Austin EMBA

Craig Laubacher

Executive MBA Program - Austin

Executive MBA 2008
Co-Owner and VP of Validation Engineering, CSA-Soliance, LLC

Student Profile - Laubacher (large)

When Craig Laubacher, a self-described, "engineering guy," began the Austin Executive MBA program in August of 2006, the idea of starting his own company was merely a dream. Half way through the program in October of 2007, Laubacher and a partner started Soliance Services, LLC.

Laubacher credits the Austin Executive MBA program's highly collaborative environment for giving him the tools, education, and confidence he needed to start his own company, "You don't get proof before you jump. Being in the Austin Executive MBA program, I got to see that success is actually possible. I learned a lot of key business principles that I never would have known. And just as important was the guidance from individuals and professors who cared about and contributed to our success."

In April of 2011, CSA, LLC acquired Soliance Services, LLC. Laubacher is now the co-owner and VP of Validation Engineering for CSA-Soliance, LLC

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