Austin EMBA

Mike McLennan

Executive MBA Program - Austin

Executive MBA 2007
President and CEO, Keep it Digital, LLC

Student Profile - McLennan (large)

To say that Mike McLennan was busy during Fall of 2005 would be an understatement. When Mike began the Austin Executive MBA program in 2005, he was a member of Executive Staff at Applied Materials and a family man.

For most people, just juggling a demanding work schedule and spending time with family would be more than enough to handle. McLennan, on the other hand, successfully managed both and found time to complete Baylor's rigorous Executive MBA program as well as lay the foundations for a future entrepreneurial venture.

A lot of Austin Executive MBA students have families, and McLennan believes, "the program recognizes that people have families. Baylor recognizing and involving the family in the program factored in to making the experience manageable, better and an overall positive experience." McLennan also feels the program is structured such that your classmates become extended family.

Shortly after graduating McLennan put his new EMBA knowledge and skills to work. McLennan decided to commit full-time to an entrepreneurial venture which he conceived - Keep It Digital, LLC. McLennan is now President and CEO of Keep it Digital@reg;. Mike indicated the EMBA program helped him by increasing his knowledge, confidence and providing the skills that he needed to move forward with the Keep It Digital concept.

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