Austin EMBA

Earle Hager

Executive MBA Program - Austin

Executive MBA 2009
Managing Partner, The Neutrino Donut, LLC

Student Profile - Hager (large)

Earle Hager graduated from the Austin Executive MBA program and turned 50 in May, 2009. He choose Baylor's Executive MBA program because he would learn more than a trade and recalls wanting, "to learn what it all meant. Baylor was a collaborative environment. The idea was that we could learn not only what the book says but also understand what businesses were doing in the area. It was more of a real life example."

Looking back, Hager remembers the highly collaborative environment feeling like family and that, "because there was so much teamwork, you really felt the relationships."

Earle Hager used the knowledge from program to enhance his career in global technology commercialization on a university level as well as his own companies. Hager believes the knowledge of accounting and financial structures were invaluable in developing market strategies. Hager commented, "The Baylor degree is well respected globally and has provided me with credibility introducing myself in multiple business situations."

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