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BAN Practicum

As a Junior BAN Analyst, you will receive one hour of course credit during the Spring Semester of your junior year. Paired with the hour of course credit is a one hour practicum in which Junior Analysts learn from faculty about valuating and analyzing potential growth of early stage companies. Additionally, Junior Analysts will assist the Senior Analysts and the Executive Director with daily operations, attend weekly staff meetings, attend quarterly deal screening and presentation meetings, complete required coursework and other assigned projects.

Senior BAN Analyst, will receive six hours of course credit during the two semesters of senior year. Paired with the course credit is a one hour practicum, per semester, in which analysts further their knowledge and build from the foundation of the junior year practicum. Senior Analysts will lead company screenings and assist/complete the tasks outlined above.


BAN fills the Capstone requirements for all Baylor Business Fellows.

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