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Thank you for considering applying to the Baylor Angel Network (BAN)

BAN’s next application deadline is:
Thursday, January 16, 2020 at 5:00 PM CST!

Please review the information below before submitting an application.

BAN screens companies based on their compatiblity with our preferred funding profile. If your company does not meet this profile, please consider waiting until your company is ready.

  • Proven entrepreneurial team with relevant industry experience
  • Defensible and unique idea and business model
  • Paying customers or significant market traction
  • Fundable and scalable business model
  • Thoughtful exit strategy
  • Complementary to Baylor University’s mission as a Christian institution in supporting human flourishing, strong leadership, and sound ethics

BAN does not restrict companies by university/alumni affiliation, region in the USA, or the presence/absence of an explicit Christian or social mission. We aim to invest in great companies and strong entrepreneurs that will benefit customers with their product or service.

BAN will not consider companies involved in the sale of addictive substances, gambling, or mature content.

Companies interested in applying to the Baylor Angel Network should apply through ProSeeder, our online deal flow platform and make arrangements to have an introductory call with BAN’s Executive Director. Typically, 10-15 deals are selected for screening diligence.

Screening Diligence
Companies accepted into screening diligence are assigned to a BAN Analyst and BAN Member for the initial diligence. The BAN Analyst serves as the primary point of contact from this point on and will collect additional information and conduct company conference calls to prepare an internal investment report for the BAN Members.

Screening Committee Voting
A Screening Committee of BAN Members review all applications that have completed the screening diligence and vote for the 4 companies they have the most interest in inviting to present to the full BAN Membership.

Presentation Meeting
Companies selected by the Screening Committee are invited to present to the full BAN Membership at one of the quarterly presentation meetings, which includes a casual lunch for additional networking with BAN Members. We cannot accommodate remote pitches, and invitations to the Presentation Meeting cannot be rescheduled or deferred.

Due Diligence
Baylor University is no longer involved in the process after the Presentation Meeting
. All ministerial and logistical support will be provided by Affinity Link II, LLC. If BAN Members express interest in additional due diligence, Affinity Link II will schedule due diligence meetings with the team and interested BAN Members.

The due diligence process is important but also unique to each deal. If the company has at least $100,000 in soft interest, the due diligence process will begin.

If you currently have a lead investor in this round who has completed due diligence, our members would like to review these materials. If you have not gone through the due diligence process for this round, please see and example of our due diligence checklist here. After completing due diligence, individual funding decisions are made by each member.

*Due diligence and investment decisions are made individually by BAN Members. Baylor University is not involved in any due diligence process and does not make any investment or investment decisions in the applying companies.

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