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Accounting & Business Law

Xing Set to Join Accounting & Business Law

Nov. 16, 2020

Photo of Bin 'Betty' Xing

Bin "Betty" Xing will join the Accounting & Business Law Department as an assistant professor in the spring of 2021. She will teach the undergraduate-level taxation course.

Xing attended the University of Waterloo for her doctorate degree, with an expected graduation date of November 2020. Her primary research interest is in international taxation using analytical and archival methods—more specifically, Xing studies the interaction between the management of international subsidiaries and the tax plans that involve these subsidiaries. Some of her work in this area has been presented at both the 2020 Journal of the American Taxation Association (JATA) Conference and the 2018 American Taxation Association (ATA) Conference.

An additional research interest of Xing's includes tax-planning with financial instruments, a project that received a research grant from the Canadian federal government. Her broader research interest consists of bridging theory and empirical work in accounting research and her current work examines corporate disclosures of current events.

Xing taught an undergraduate course in taxation during her time at Waterloo. She also served as the Treasurer of the Graduate Student Endowment Fund, where she applied her accounting and finance skills in administering financial resources to the graduate students at Waterloo.

Prior to starting her PhD program, Xing graduated top of her class from the Waterloo MTax program, where she also worked as a tax specialist at Richter LLP. She earned a bachelor's degree in mathematics with mathematical finance from Waterloo, as well as a bachelor's degree in business administration with accounting from Wilfrid Laurier University. During this time, Xing worked several analyst positions at TD Securities.

Xing shares a vision to seek God's truth in research with her beloved mathematician husband Boyu, who also works in academics. She has served as a worship leader at her local church and enjoys playing the piano. New to Waco, Xing and her husband are excited to explore the area, with the zoo and the on-campus bear habitat being their favorite locations so far.

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