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Undergraduate Major

Accounting & Business Law

Why major in Accounting?

In addition to the functional accounting knowledge taught in the accounting core classes, faculty emphasize other skills required to succeed in an accounting career. While classes still involve lectures, the core accounting curriculum is taught in an active learning environment where faculty and students are engaged in dialogue. Students take more responsibility for the learning process, while faculty often serve as "learning guides."

Accounting Course Plan

The accounting core is composed of six courses (18 hours) taken over three semesters. Students may begin the accounting core in either the fall or spring semester. If combined with one of the accounting master’s degrees, however, a fall semester start is recommended.

The core courses are taken in the following sequence and are taken concurrently in the semester indicated.

I. University/BBA Core --
II. First Semester 6 hours
ACC 3301 - Financial Accounting & Reporting I
ACC 3303 - Accounting Information Systems
III. Second Semester 6 hours
ACC 3302 - Financial Accounting & Reporting II
ACC 3304 - Federal Income Taxation

IV. Third Semester 6 hours
ACC 4308 - Advanced Managerial Accounting
ACC 4330 - Auditing, Attestation & Assurance Services
Accounting Core + 18 hours
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