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Accounting & Business Law

The Accounting Department awards scholarships for students who have declared the accounting major and completed 6 hours of upper-level accounting coursework.

Accounting majors who have completed 6 hours of the accounting major core courses and are currently enrolled in accounting courses will be notified by email of the opening of the application process. Accounting majors who are not enrolled in the core accounting courses for the semester should contact the accounting department office manager for application instructions. Open application periods are usually in March and September. Scholarships are decided by semester and awards are received in the semester following application.

The department has both need/merit based and merit only based scholarships. All applicants should complete the FAFSA early to document any financial need for maximum scholarship awards. For applicants starting the Summer 2019 or later, Baylor requires submission of a CSS Profile ( as well as an annual FAFSA.

The scholarship committee will make awards based on applicant data, eligibility and the requirements of the scholarships available.

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