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Marketing Students Provide Recommendations for Magnolia

Baylor students conducted marketing research and made recommendation for Magnolia Market at the Silos this summer. More

Trading and Hedging When the Market Panics

Innovative Business at Baylor: Virgilio Zurita, assistant professor of Finance, found a more accurate model to predict default probabilities. More

International Trade Theory Meets Banking

Innovative Business at Baylor: David VanHoose, professor of Economics, found that how banks make decisions about loans and deposit services contribute to the flow of funds across international borders. More

Spiritual Capital Indicates Business Success in Developing Countries

Mitch Neubert, professor of Management, and Steve Bradley, professor of Entrepreneurship, found that faith maturity predicted innovation and success of entrepreneurs in developing... More

Defying Conventional Wisdom: The More You Identify with a Client, the More Skeptical You Are

Innovative Business at Baylor: Owen Brown, assistant professor of Accounting, found that alumni affiliation increases auditor identification, but also increases auditor skepticism. More

HSB Spotlight

Spotlight - BBR
Baylor Business Review

In this issue of the Baylor Business Review, we address how ethics and values can and should light the way forward in the business world. More

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