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Pivot! Defining & Understanding Complete Business Change Decisions

Innovative Business at Baylor: Les Palich, Matthew Wood and Russell Browder, professors of Entrepreneurship, found three factors that lead to an entrepreneur's decision to pivot. More

For What It’s Worth: Research Team Measures the Value of Fintech

Innovative Business at Baylor: Qinxi Wu, assistant professor of Finance, Insurance & Real Estate, led research which classified FinTech into seven categories and measured its worth. More

Flourishing at Work & at Home: Overcoming a Work Stress Double Cross

Innovative Business at Baylor: Dawn Carlson, professor of Management, researches the crossover effects of work stress and family stress on both environments. More

How Green Is Your Workplace?

Innovative Business at Baylor: Kyongji Han, assistant professor of Management, researches the impact of voluntary workplace green behavior on job satisfaction. More

Cracks in the Glass Ceiling: Identifying Factors Affecting Persistence and Advancement for Women in IT

Innovative Business at Baylor: Cindy Riemenschneider, professor of Information Systems, researches the factors affecting persistence and advancement of women in IT. More

HSB Spotlight

Spotlight - BBR
Baylor Business Review

In this issue of the Baylor Business Review, we explore the dynamic of family businesses and how they contribute to human flourishing and economic success. More

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