Breakout Sessions

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Friday, Nov 12 6:10pm-7:10pm

McNair Scholars Program (For Freshmen-Juniors)

The Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program (McNair Scholars Program) provides opportunities for first-generation and/or underrepresented undergraduate students to gain the knowledge and skills required to navigate a path to a Ph.D. program following graduation. Baylor McNair Scholars gain experience through research and a variety of other scholarly activities while also being paired with Faculty mentors who help guide their research efforts. Eligible students can apply to be a McNair Scholar as early as their Sophomore year.



Summer Program in Cancer Research (SPCR) (For Freshmen-Juniors) 

Hosted by the Department of Epigenetics and Molecular Carcinogenesis of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and funded by the National Cancer Institute, the Summer Program in Cancer Research (SPCR) aims to provide an authentic research experience for outstanding undergraduate students considering careers in biomedical research. The research strengths of the department include: cancer genetics and epigenetics; cell growth control, genome maintenance and DNA repair; stem cells; immunology, cancer therapeutics, and computational and systems biology. Students will have access to state-the-art resources and knowledgeable staff while performing cutting-edge cancer research.



The UCLA Public Health Scholars Training Program (For Junior & Seniors)

The UCLA Public Health Scholars Training Program provides undergraduate students the opportunity to explore the field of public health through hands-on training, structured workshops, group events, volunteering opportunities, and leadership and professional development. The  program offers scholars the opportunity to train at UCLA, to explore public health in one of the most diverse counties in the US, and to experience the city’s vibrant culture. We work with community-based organizations, health systems, and government agencies to offer field placement opportunities for scholars that focus on health equity.  



BTRUE (For Freshmen-Juniors)

B-TRUE (Baylor Transdisciplinary Research Undergraduate Experience) is an intensive 10-week summer research-training program for students interested in pursuing research-related careers. The program is designed to provide a rigorous, in-depth research experience across the life and physical sciences. B-TRUE will also prepare participants for top-quality graduate programs. The B-TRUE program is sponsoring 10 undergraduate fellows to conduct summer research in one of six academic programs (Biology, Physics, Chemistry/Biochemistry, Environmental Science, Geosciences, Anthropology, and Psychology/Neuroscience).



Princeton Neuroscience Institute Summer Internship Program (For Freshmen-Juniors)

The Princeton Neuroscience Institute (PNI) Summer Internship Program is for highly motivated undergraduates who are interested in pursuing a graduate degree in neuroscience or a related field. PNI provides education and hands-on research experience, and participants collaborate closely with students and faculty at PNI on original research projects and gain invaluable first-hand experience on what it is like to be a neuroscientist.

Each student is placed in a world-class research laboratory – headed by a faculty member – and carries out an original research project.  Students are thoughtfully matched to labs based on their research interests as indicated in their application form, recommendation letters, and personal statement. 




Saturday, Nov 13 8:00am-9:00am

Tri-Institutional MD-PhD Program (For Freshmen & Sophomores)

The Tri-Institutional MD-PhD Program is training physician-scientists who will become the next generation of leaders in biomedical research. Weill Cornell Medical College, The Rockefeller University, and Memorial Sloan Kettering combine to form one of the few inter-institutional collaborations dedicated to joint MD and Ph.D. training. The world-class clinical and research faculties of the three institutions provide a stimulating environment for research and medical training. With over 280 participating faculty and an organization that fosters student freedom and independence, the Program offers unparalleled opportunities for individualized education. Graduates of the Program are thus prepared to lead tomorrow's biomedical research efforts and to carry the knowledge acquired from basic research to the bedside.



Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Achievement (URSA) (For Freshmen-Juniors)

The Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Achievement (URSA) initiative at Baylor is a campus-wide initiative that serves faculty and students from all disciplines. Housed in The Office of Engaged Learning, the goal of URSA is to support, promote, and enhance high-quality undergraduate research and scholarship through grants, Scholars Week, and web-based resources. 




Student-led Ethics Discussion ft. Andre Chavez

Ethics governs all areas of academic and professional practice. In this student-led seminar, we will explore ethical considerations in medical practice and the role of scientific research in resolving ethical conflicts. Our discussion will center around pathogenic epistemic injustice in contested illnesses such as myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME/CFS) and, now, long COVID, as well as corresponding scientific research.