• Can group presentations be done at HoT? 

Yes, group presentations are fine! There's no limit on the amount of group members–whatever you think would be best for the delivery and clarity of your research presentation over zoom. The same time constraint of 12 minutes for the presentation still applies. Only one sign-up form needs to be submitted for the group presentation; include all the names and emails of the presenters, and the rest of the questions can be answered for the individual submitting the form. 

  • Can I show a recording of my research presentation? 

Our vision for the HoT Conference is to simulate as much of a live conference experience for the presenters and attendees as we can. Thus, to keep the experience uniform for all the presenters, we ask that both the presentation and Q&A be done live over zoom. 

  • What kind of experience should I have in order to apply?

While research experience is encouraged, it is not required to present. Students who have done a substantial course project or work in a lab who can show project development and outcomes are also encouraged to present.

  • How should I prepare for my presentation? 

Let your research mentor know that you’ll be presenting at HoT; they can guide you on the format of your 12 minute oral presentation. Create your PowerPoint presentation (via PowerPoint, Google Slides, etc) and practice your presentation. Rehearse your presentation in front of a computer as you will be sharing your screen viz Zoom when delivering your presentation. Ask family and friends to attend your practice sessions and give you feedback. Think about the questions you might have for your project and prepare answers for the Q&A section after your presentation. Try not to be nervous – HoT is meant to serve as a learning experience and a chance for you to practice and polish your presentation skills. 

  • How should I prepare for HoT? 

Find a quiet space without distractions and a strong wifi connection. Have your presentation ready on your laptop/computer and be ready to share your screen via Zoom while you deliver your oral presentation. 

  • How to list the HoT Conference on my resume/CV?

Here is a suggested idea on how to list HoT participation as a presenter: 

Title of Your Oral Presentation 

Heart of Texas Undergraduate Research Conference, Baylor University, April 2022 

Or as an award winner: 

Title of Your Oral Presentation 

Outstanding Presentation Award, Heart of Texas Undergraduate Research Conference, Baylor University, April 2022 

  • What is the attire? 

We recommend that all students dress presentable, professional, and comfortable. Because HoT is a virtual conference, full attire cannot be seen on the zoom screen; however, we still expect interactions to follow a high level of professionalism. Business casual is encouraged. 

  • Can visitors/advisors attend my presentation? 

Yes. Zoom links for all presentations will be posted on the Program tab and conference website prior to April 23rd. We ask that all visitors/attendees follow all professionalism guidelines. 

  • Another question not answered here?

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