Presenter Tips

Presentations Overview 

Undergraduates may present their research from any STEM field (see abstract submission form for full list of STEM fields). Group presentations are allowed (see the FAQs tab for more info). Presenters will be divided into divisions by field and include undergraduates from various colleges so that students have an opportunity to learn about research at other institutions. Research presentations will be given in a live virtual, oral format using a powerpoint over Zoom (view Presentation Tips tab for more info). Presentations should be no longer than 12 minutes and will be followed by 3-5 minutes of questions from a judging panel of Baylor faculty and graduate researchers as well as any conference attendees. Individualized feedback from the judges will be sent to all presenters following the end of HoT. Awards will be given to outstanding presentations per division. 

Resources for creating an abstract 

                                                   Sourced from the Writing Center at the University of Wisconsin, Madison


Presenter Expectations

  • Attending your division’s presentation for the full duration; staying until each person in your division has had a chance to present.

  • Have the latest version of Zoom downloaded and open during the day.

  • When possible, have your camera on and your audio on mute, except for when presenting or asking a question.

  • Being mindful of your speaking time.

  • Staying engaged throughout the day and asking questions. 

  • We encourage students to develop their presentation slides using Google Slides or PowerPoint, and be ready to present via Zoom screen share.

Resources for creating a research presentation