Heart of Texas Undergraduate Research Conference (HoT)


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Abstract submissions for HoT 2022 are now CLOSED!


Baylor Undergraduate Research in Science & Technology and the Hillis Scholars invite you to the HoT Conference! 

HoT Mission 

In light of Baylor’s new R1 status, the Heart of Texas Conference aims to support undergraduate students with aspirations in research in Texas and across the U.S. While presentation opportunities have been limited in the past year, the need for undergraduate researchers to cultivate their research experiences still remains. Thus, we seek to fill this need by hosting a live virtual conference so undergraduates can safely learn about research and make meaningful connections with fellow researchers and mentors. Additionally, we hope that this event will unite the research community at Baylor and beyond as faculty, graduate students, and undergrads come together to showcase their work and learn from each other. 

Benefits of HoT Conference 

  • Gain research presentation experience & receive individualized feedback 

  • Listen in on research presentations from current undergraduate students in various STEM fields

  • Network with graduate school programs & interact with renowned faculty

  • List conference experience on a resume/CV

  • Receive awards & prizes


Undergraduate researchers of any classification from a four-year undergraduate institution may attend and present their work. Individual and group research presentations are acceptable (see the FAQs tab for more info on group presentations). Presented research doesn't have to be a personal independent project, as long as the student was in some way a part of the research study and they have clearance from their mentor/professor. Research proposals and methodologies of a current study can qualify. It would be helpful to have some preliminary data or rationale on why a current hypothesis is proposed and the future direction that the project would take if no data are available yet. We'd like undergraduates to present research that they are directly involved with or are assisting with, so literature reviews are not the preferred presentation type for this conference.     


Undergraduates may present their research from any STEM field (see abstract submission form for a full list of STEM fields). Group presentations are allowed (see the FAQs tab for more info). Presenters will be divided into divisions by field and include undergraduates from various colleges so that students have an opportunity to learn about research at other institutions. Research presentations will be given in a live virtual, oral format using a PowerPoint over Zoom (view Presentation Tips tab for more info). Presentations should be no longer than 12 minutes and will be followed by 3-5 minutes of questions from a judging panel of Baylor faculty and graduate researchers as well as any conference attendees. Feedback from the judges will be sent to all presenters following the end of HoT. Awards will be given to outstanding presentations per division. 

How to Attend

Students should complete the Conference Sign-Up Form and submit an abstract at this link https://forms.gle/u5ktWfSt9GHwE7f77 by Friday, April 1, 2022 at 11:59 PM CST. After the deadline, abstracts will be compiled into a conference program and students will be emailed about their specific presentation time on April 23, 2022. 

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Available STEM Fields: 



Biology: Cell & Molecular Biology 

Biology: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology 



Computer Science 


Environmental Science







Public Health