‎‎Our Mission: To increase awareness of undergraduate research on the Baylor campus, provide opportunities for undergraduates to optimize their research experiences, and educate undergraduates in the proper habits and techniques of research in scientific fields.

BURST is the student organization for Baylor undergraduate students interested in scientific research. Members have access to the following opportunities:

Journal Clubs

Members participate in a peer-led Journal Club in a subject area of their choosing. Each Journal Club reads through a selection of research articles together and meets every two weeks for group discussion. To see our Journal Club offerings, click this link.

Lab Tours

For two to three times during the semester, each Journal Club read one or more research articles published by a Baylor professor. The Journal Club then takes a tour of that professor's lab in the Baylor Sciences Building (BSB), guided by the professor or graduate students. Members have the opportunity to ask questions, visualize the research techniques they have learned about, and occasionally gain hands-on experience with the lab equipment.


Scientia is the Baylor Undergraduate Research Journal of Science and Technology. First published in the spring of 2014, Scientia is a yearly publication produced by BURST and supported by the Baylor College of Arts and Sciences. For more information and to read Scientia online, click this link. Pictured below are some Scientia editors after getting an exclusive interview with Dr. Livingstone, President of Baylor University. 


Members who are currently doing research are encouraged to attend a variety of conferences, where they can present their findings to the scientific community in a professional environment. BURST works closely with URSA during URSA Scholars' Week, the annual Baylor conference showcasing undergraduate research. We will also promote other conference opportunities in Texas and around the nation. For more information, click this link

STEM Lectures

Each semester, BURST organizes lectures featuring research experts from both Baylor and beyond. 


BURST organizes a workshop once a semester to teach its members fundamental laboratory skills, such as pipetting and gel electrophoresis. The goal of this workshop is to provide students who have never done research an opportunity to learn fundamental skills that will be useful in their first research experience. We also have workshops dedicated to advanced lab techniques, Resume and CV, Internship Applications, Cover Letters, How to Create a Research Presentation, and much more! Check out our calendar on the front page to see what we're doing each semester! It is constantly changing, so make sure to check often! 


We want every BURST member to feel like they are a part of a community! As a result, we have socials where BURST members can hang out and study, go to the zoo, or have a pizza party together! These are always so much fun and we encourage you to reach out and find a community within BURST.  


BURST partners with organizations in the Waco community for members to volunteer with. We participate in Baylor Steppin' Out, local science programs, and tutor high schoolers. 

If you have any questions about these opportunities, message us on Instagram @baylorBURST or email us at baylorBURST@gmail.com.