Neuroscience Journal Club

The BURST Neuroscience Journal Club focuses on exposing members to the inner workings of the brain. This field of research is growing every day, so each meeting is different, with a new focus, new content, and new discussion. Members are encouraged to participate in discussions and article selection as much as possible so that the materials covered are relevant and interesting. In addition to reviewing journal articles, there will be various lab tours of Baylor Neuroscience professors included each semester.

2020-2021 Leader: Sanjana Ade

Major: Neuroscience

Year: Sophomore

Fun Fact: I competed congressional debate nationally throughout high school. I was ranked 3rd in Illinois until 2020!

The neuroscience journal club will be focused primarily on cognition and diseases of the brain. When reading these articles, think about the bigger picture rather than the nitty gritty of the experiment. What makes the research interesting and new? How does it relate to your life and those around you?



NIAID 2011. Photomicrograph of neural tissue from a scrapie-infected mouse. Prions, proteinaceous infectious particles (red), are being trafficked between neurons.