Requisition Approval--$25,000 or Greater

Per University fiscal policy, the Budget Office is to electronically review and approve requisitions for amounts of $25,000 and greater. When the requesting department has completed and approved the requisition, a comment should be saved in the Header comments panel that indicates who has approved it, and that it is now ready for Budget Office approval. This will indicate to the Budget Office that the requisition is ready for processing.

A requisition must pass budget checking through PeopleSoft before it will appear in the query that the Budget office runs daily to determine if any requisitions for $25,000 and greater need to be processed.

If the requisition relates to a contract, the status of the contract's review and approval should be saved in the Header comments. Note: A requisition should not be submitted and approved before the contract has been reviewed by the General Counsel's office (if the amount is $10,000 or greater) and approved by a Vice President.