Study Abroad Program Forms

Study Abroad Program Forms

To facilitate the reporting of your study abroad program’s financial activity, the Budget Office has prepared forms for your use. These forms are provided in order to standardize the reporting format and to assist you in providing the financial information needed regarding your program. These forms should be beneficial to you as well as to the Budget Office:

A. Travel Expense Summary form is to be used to facilitate the reporting and review of financial information for the study abroad programs.

B. Cash Allowance Distribution form is to be used for accounting for cash allowances given to participants. This is for situations where allowances are given to participants for meals, transportation, or cultural events. If this applies to your program, you may wish to prepare a roster of your participants on this form and reproduce several copies to be used during the program. Please note that all cash allowances must be signed for by their recipients.

One copy of a form may not be adequate to account for all of your program’s financial activity. Please use as many copies as needed.

The following items must be completed upon your return and submitted to CIE no later than 45 days after the conclusion of the foreign site program:

  1. List of program participants with Baylor ID numbers and amount of program fees paid by each participant.
  2. List of faculty, including course names and numbers, section numbers, credit hours for classes taught, and names of students enrolled in each class.
  3. All bank statements, if applicable to the program.
  4. Documentation of foreign exchange rates used. This will only apply if funds were exchanged during the program. Oanda ( ) is the website used for currency conversion. If currency is bought in advance, please provide documentation of the rate that the currency was originally purchased at.
  5. Required original documentation of expenses – including receipts for goods and services purchased, and signature sheets for cash allowances distributed during the program.
  6. If the director(s) is claiming expenses for a spouse, an approved list of spousal duties must be submitted.
  7. For receipts not received, lost, or non-itemized, and the expense is $45.00 or more, a completed, signed, and approved Lost Receipt Statement must be submitted. This Statement must be signed by the Director of CIE or Financial Manager.
  8. Do not include disallowed expenses on the Travel Expense Summary and Travel Expense Report. Examples of disallowed expenses include personal items, alcohol, etc.
  9. For St. Andrews and Maastricht, a listing of the approved meal per diem expenses must be provided.
  10. The Travel Expense Summary and a summary of travel advances should be submitted with the Travel Expense Report.
  11. The Travel Expense Report must be filled out in US dollars and signed by both the Director of CIE and Financial Manager.
  12. Upon return from trip, remaining University funds must be submitted to CIE with other supporting documentation for the program, or deposited in the Cashier’s Office with a deposit receipt form. A copy of the deposit receipt form, stamped by the Cashier’s Office, must be submitted to CIE if the funds were deposited.
  13. If foreign currency was distributed to the program director in advance of the trip, documentation must be submitted with the Travel Expense Report. This also applies if foreign currency was returned to CIE.

Please call the Budget Office at 710-2663 if you have any questions regarding the use of these forms.

Thank you for your cooperation and close attention to these administrative matters. These forms and guidelines should make your financial reporting requirements easier.