Shared Displays/Research Boards/Hallways


Due to the number of faculty/staff/students in the building, departments are reminded that no one department/facility owns a hallway/common area. All spaces are shared with departments/labs/researchers/faculty/staff. To assist in maintaining aesthetics of the building along with limited areas and spaces to display research/departmental related items, the following standards are in place at the BSB:


White corrugated boards can be placed down the research wing hallways. These are the areas where most research labs are located and are after you go through the double doors. You can display research posters or other important lab information on these.

FabricMate boards ordered through the Director’s Office can be placed at the back of the hallways on A, C, and E wings. These are the common areas before the double doors leading to the research wings. Things that are recommended be displayed on these could be publications, active research going on. Note: due to limited space, please no research posters on the FabricMate boards.

A limited number of glass case bulletin boards can be purchased and hung down office hallways for faculty to use that have offices in the area.




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