Mass Spectrometry Fee Structure 2022

Mass Spectrometry Center - User Fees

Mass Spectrometry fee structure for 1 hour:

Waters Synapt G2-s HDMS: $5.97

Thermo Orbitrap Discovery: $5.97

Thermo Osbitrap Q-Exactive Focus: $5.97

Thermo Orbitrap Fusion: $5.97

Waters XEVO TQ-S: $3.51

Agilent ICP-MS 7900: $3.51

Agilent LC-MS/MS 6420: $3.51

Thermo DSQ GC-MS: $2.91

Thermo TSQ 8000 GC-MS: $2.91

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Our Mass Spectrometry Center has several different options for instruments. Technical and scientific support is free of charge.

Additionally, training and workshops are free of charge for employees and students at Baylor University.  All fees are contingent on being affiliated with Baylor University. If you are not part of Baylor University, please click here to email the center manager for a cost estimate.