NMR Online Resources

Some online resources I found useful:

The Basics of NMR by Joseph P. Hornak, Ph.D. at the Rochester Institute of Technology. 

Advanced Spectroscopy Lecture Notes by Prof. Dr. Oliver Zerbe at the University of Zurich.  

NMR Spectroscopy Lecture Notes taught in Harvard by Dr. Eugene E. Kwan,now a senior scientist at Merck Research Laboratories.  

NMR Lectures by Prof. G. Moyna at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. 

NMR Lectures by Dr. Nagarajan Murali at Rutgers. 

High-Resolution NMR Techniques in Organic Chemistry(2nd Edition) by Prof. Timothy D W Claridge.  If you have subscription to Tetrahedron Organic Chemistry, you can download it from there. The newer 3rd version has been out too. 

Great NMR Blog by Glenn Facey, the NMR Facility Director at the University of Ottawa. 

Carlos' NMR Blog-Mestrelab. 

Stan's NMR,MRI,NQR and ESR links  

NMR Lab in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem  

Prof. Anne-Frances Miller's website has very detailed instructions on using VnmrJ 2.2D with chempack active at the University of Kentucky.  

NMR Artifacts from Michigan State University. 

EasySpin: a Matlab toolbox for simulating and fitting EPR spectra.  

Links to some NMR groups I like to follow:

Bruker NMR Guide(last version compatible with Topspin 3.0) by Dr. Teodor Parella at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. His group has also developed many NMR pulse sequences for small organic molecules. 

Prof. Tim Claridge's Lab at the University of Oxford.  

NMR Lectures by Dr. James Keeler at the University of Cambridge. This would be a really good source to understand NMR basics. 

Manchester NMR Methodology Group. They developed many pulse sequences for small organic molecules. 

Spin Dynamics Lecture by Prof. Ilya Kuprov at the University of Southhampton. If you are interested in thoroughly understanding NMR from quantum mechanics, and want to play with some simulation using Matlab,this'd be a good place to start.  

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