TEM and SEM classes are offered for graduate students on an alternating basis every spring semester. Even though these courses are offered through the biology department credit will be given to students from all departments - please contact your graduate program director beforehand. Group size is limited to 9 students and instructor permission is required. Syllabuses for both classes are available upon request.

These courses are intended to provide a working knowledge of the techniques and instrumentation basic to the preparation, examination, and interpretation of specimens using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM), with emphasis on biological samples. The procedures introduced in this course are currently accepted as reliable methods for the preservation and observation of ultrastructure and will help you to independently use SEM and TEM in your future work.

Goals of these courses are to teach basic skills to operate the SEM and TEM independently and to prepare samples for SEM and TEM investigations. After the course students will be able to answer scientific question by using the SEM and TEM independently.

Spring 2022: Bio 5421 (A & 01): Scanning Electron Microscopy (Mo. and Wed. 8-12 a.m.)

Spring 2023: Bio 5420 (A & 01) Transmission Electron Microscopy (Mo. and Wed. 8-12 a.m.)

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