BSB Student Organization Use

Please note the following policies before proceding with your reservation:

  • By reserving a BSB room you are acknowledging that you have read and will follow the BSB building guidelines.
  • Requests from Student Organizations will not be reviewed until the 3rd week of class. BSB science affiliated Student Srganizations will have priority over other Baylor departments/offices. Requests from all other Student Organizations will be considered upon availability of rooms.
  • Only normal meeting formats are permitted. No other activities or programs as a part of the meeting are allowed.
  • A new reservation must be made each semester, but student organization requests will not be considered until the completion of academic scheduling of classes, review sessions, SI sessions, exams, etc.

Room Requests:

BSB forms required to complete your reservation:

  1. Student Activities approval email
    • All Student Organizations must have events/meetings approved by Student Activities. Use OrgSync located at
    • Approval of an event by Student Activities does not guarantee space in the BSB. Final approval is subject to availability and event activities scheduled in the building each day.
  2. BSB Request form
    • Submit a room request via Astra for scheduling along with your student activities approval to no later than 7 days prior to the event. Request instructions can be downloaded here. Please note that Astra is not available off campus. Requests will be processed in the order received for forms that are complete with student activities approval. Requests will NOT be processed until student activities approval has been received. If the event includes solicitation, that approval must also be included with the request.
  3. Usage Agreement form (complete once each semester).
    • Return the signed BSB Usage Agreement Form which the group leader/advisor must sign stating the building guidelines have been read and will be followed. The form must be returned 3 days before the first meeting or the event will not be scheduled.
  4. Solicitation approval form (if applicable)
  5. Confirmation Email
    • Once the signed usage agreement form and Student Activities approval have been received by the BSB Scheduling and Classroom Technology Office, an e-mail will be sent confirming the event. Print and keep this confirmation when attending your scheduled event to present as validation of your completed reservation.

Table Requests:

  1. A Student Activities approval email must be turned in at D.111 or emailed to
  2. A Solicitation approval form also needs to be submitted to D.111 if required by Student Activities.
  3. Email to request a table and 2 chairs as well as the days and times needed.
  4. The Student Organization is responsible for picking up the tables and chairs in D111 for setup. We do not set them up.
  5. The Student Organization is also responsible for returning the tables and chairs by 4:45 pm each day. Please stop by D111 when you are ready to put them away.

Collection Boxes:

  1. A Student Activities approval email must be turned in at D111 or emailed to
  2. Email contact information and dates of collection to
  3. The Student Organization is responsible for collecting goods periodically so there is not an overflow.
  4. Student Organization is responsible for discarding the box after collection ends.