Cold Storage


  • 2°C Double-Door Upright located within the MBC core facility
  • 4°C Walk-in Cold Storage located adjacent to the sterilizer room


  • -12°C Kenmore Heavy Duty Commercial Upright
  • -80°C VWR Ultra Low Large Capacity Upright (23 cubic feet volume)
  • -80°C VWR Ultra Low Upright (13 cubic feet volume)
  • Taylor-Wharton Liquid Nitrogen Storage Dewars (x3)

Additional information:

  • All items place in the MBC for cold storage must be appropriately labeled with the date, PI's last name, and the contents (if not in the original labeled packaging).
  • Any items not labeled appropriately will be discarded.
  • Please see the MBC Director regarding where you should place your items within each fridge/freezer to avoid having your items mistaken as items available for common use.
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