Chemical Stockroom

The stockroom handles all of the deliveries to the Baylor Sciences Building. Stockroom Hours are 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. The stockroom is closed during all campus holidays, and will not be able to accept any packages during those times. Arrangements must be made by the individual placing the order for delivery of packages during those times. Please click here for a full listing of our services and timelines.

All chemicals and packages in which the contents may be hazardous or temperature sensitive must be sent to the building address. The name of the person expecting the package should be included.

Staff in the Stockroom:

Natalia Anderson
Stockroom Manager
Office: BSB Room F.103.1B
Telephone: 710-2078
Fax: 710-2405

Michael Welhausen
Stockroom Inventory Assistant
Office: BSB Room F.103.1A
Telephone: 710-2056
Fax: 710-2405

Christopher Smallwood
Stockroom Assistant
Office: BSB Room F.102
Telephone: 710-2521
Fax: 710-2405


Baylor Sciences Building Stockroom-Services Timeline

Stockroom Timelines