Card Reader Access

Application Process for BSB Card Access

1. The BSB Card Access Form is obtained from the BSB Departmental Offices or by clicking on the link on this website.

2. The applicant completes the information at the top of the form.

3. The applicant submits the form to supervisor/advisor for designation of room(s) to be accessed and signature(s).

*Certain areas also require a signature from that area's supervisor.

4. The applicant submits the completed form to the Departmental Office/Center for approval from the Chair/Director.

*If access to an additional Department/Center is needed, approval from that Chair/Director is also needed (on the same form).

5. The Departmental Office/Center enters the approved BSB card access areas within its Department/Center. They will then deliver the form to Scheduling and Classroom Technology Office.

6. The BSB Scheduling and Classroom Technology Office enters the BSB card access to shared areas and any additional Departmental/Center areas.

7. The form is filed in the BSB Scheduling and Classroom Technology Office.