Room Reservations

By reserving a BSB room you are acknowledging that you have read and will follow the BSB building guidelines. For any questions or concerns, please contact or call 254-710-2402.

Baylor Departments and Offices

  1. Submit a room request form via Astra. Request instructions can be downloaded here. Please note that Astra will not allow requests more than 6 months in advance or less than 7 days in advance. Astra is not available off campus.
    • Changes to requests should be emailed to Please do not submit a new request for an existing reservation.
    • Please email to request tables.
  2. An e-mail confirming your event will be sent. Print and keep this confirmation when attending your scheduled event to present as validation of your completed reservation.

Student Organizations

To view detailed instructions for requesting a room, table, or collection box for a student organization, please click here.

External Groups

All external groups wanting to hold an event on campus must make their request through the Baylor Institutional Events office. Please contact a representative at 254-710-4105 for details and policies or visit the Baylor Institutional Events website. All groups are subject to the Facilities Use and Campus Solicitation Policy and the guidelines of the Sciences Building.

Reservation Changes, Cancellations, No-Show Procedure

  • Any reservation changes or cancellations should be submitted promptly to the BSB Scheduling and Classroom Technology Office, 254-710-2402, as well as to the Student Activities office, 254-710-2371 (for student organizations).
  • If written cancellation is not received (a no-show violation), a group may lose its privileges for reserving space in the BSB. A cancellation notice can be sent through email to

Room Assignment Policies / Procedures

  • Requests from BSB departments/centers/institutes (BSB units) for academic functions will be scheduled before other requests. If a scheduling conflict occurs, requests from BSB units take precedence. BSB science affiliated student groups will have priority over other Baylor departments/offices.
  • If the room you have requested is not available, an alternate room, based on availability, will be assigned or other recommendations will be made.
  • The atrium is a commons area for students, faculty, and staff and may not be reserved for meetings. However, if space is needed for registration tables, bake sales, etc., a request form must be submitted to avoid conflicts between groups.