Rooms in the Baylor Sciences Building

Room Information

  • 31 Classrooms ranging in size from 12 seats to one 300 seat auditorium
    --Equipped with the latest audio/visual technology
    --Vary in seating style (larger ones are auditoriums; medium size have tables/chairs or arm chair desks; smaller ones are conference style).
    --No food or drink allowed in classrooms
  • 5 Clock Tower Rooms and 1 additional room for meetings, lunches or receptions
    Seats 12, 16, 18, or 35
    --Easily accessible
    --Beautiful views of campus
  • 2 Video Conference Rooms
    --Includes the latest video conferencing technology
    --To reserve a video conference room, submit a Video/Audio Conference Request Form.
    --Contact Classroom Technology Services (CTS), at 254-307-1614 or by email at
300 seats B110
136 seats D109 D110
106 seats A108 C105 E125
74 seats C206
68 seats A207 E231
52 seats C231
48 seats A236 E206
32 seats C230
30 seats B105 B114 C123 C124 D105 D114 A235 E227
20 seats A105
14 seats A106 E233
12 seats A107 E127 A205 A206 A208
Video Conf. Rooms A201 A202
Clock Tower & Other Meeting Rooms E201 A301 E301 A401 E401 E234
Small Conference Room A209