Rooms in the Baylor Sciences Building

Room Information

  • 31 Classrooms ranging in size from 12 seats to one 300 seat auditorium
    --Equipped with the latest audio/visual technology
    --Vary in seating style (larger ones are auditoriums; medium size have tables/chairs or arm chair desks; smaller ones are conference style).
    --No food or drink allowed in classrooms
  • 5 Clock Tower Rooms and 1 additional room for meetings, lunches or receptions
    Seats 12, 16, 18, or 35
    --Easily accessible
    --Beautiful views of campus
  • 2 Video Conference Rooms (A201 & A202)
    --Contact Classroom Technology Services (CTS), at 254-307-1614 or by email at


101 Bagby Ave.
One Bear Place #97046
Waco, Tx 76798-7046