Authorship / Acknowledgement


Please do not forget about the contributions of the MBC to your research when it comes to publications, presentations, and securing grant funds. If you publish a scientific paper, receive grant funding, or give a poster or oral presentation that includes instruments, tools, or data generated in the MBC, at a minimum, the facility should receive formal acknowledgement. Occasionally, a staff scientist who is a member of the center will assist with experimental design, data analysis or interpretation (or both), or make another substantial intellectual contribution. In this case, co-authorship may be warranted and should be considered.


If you have questions concerning when to formally acknowledge the MBC and when scientists in the MBC should function as co-authors, please consider the following guidelines outlined by The Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABRF): https://dnacore.missouri.edu/PDF/ABRF_Guidelines.pdf [Original Link - https://abrf.org/authorship-guidelines]. If it is determined a staff scientist of the MBC will co-author a paper, that individual should actively participate in reviewing the relevant sections of the article and have the opportunity to approve the final version of those sections.


Example publication acknowledgements:

"The authors wish to thank Dr. Michelle Nemec and the Baylor University Molecular Biosciences Center for support during the course of this Work."

"This research was supported in part by the Baylor University Molecular Biosciences Center (Waco, Tx)."

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