Meet the Director

Michelle Nemec

Director, Molecular Bioscience Center
Office: C305R, Baylor Sciences Building
Phone: (254) 710-2076
Email: Michelle_Nemec@baylor.edu

BS, Texas A&M University, Biology
PhD, Baylor University, Biology (emphasis Molecular & Environmental Microbiology)

I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Texas A&M University in College Station. It was as an undergraduate that I first gained interest in laboratory research, spending a year focusing on neuroregeneration in the albino pond snail Helisoma trivolvis.

I completed my Ph.D. at Baylor University as a microbiologist where I studied protozoal and bacterial pathogens in environmental waters. A large portion of my research involved studying these organisms on a molecular level, particularly focusing on their DNA. I was fortunate, through my research, to gain experience in a wide-variety of techniques and methods such as PCR, western blotting, flow cytometry, fluorescent microscopy, human cell culture, and bioinformatics.

In my current position as Director of the MBC, I have the opportunity to continue to expand my knowledge of molecular techniques and learn more about new technologies every day in this ever expanding and advancing scientific world. Although I enjoy interacting with students in a classroom setting, I am specifically drawn to the one-on-one interactions that centers like the MBC help to facilitate. My number one goal as the director of the facility is to help YOU with YOUR research needs. Additionally, because my interest in laboratory research was sparked during my undergraduate career, I aim to instill that same interest in students while they are at the undergraduate level. In addition to staying updated on the current research being conducted at Baylor University and assisting in the facilitation of that research with PI's through instrumentation, consultation, and training, I am excited that the MBC also offers a research outlet for undergraduate students who may not have otherwise obtained experience working in a laboratory setting.

101 Bagby Ave.
One Bear Place #97046
Waco, Tx 76798-7046