CMI - Microscopes

Coming in Fall 2022
TEM Transmission Electron Microscope
Spectra 300C (TEM)
Thermo Fisher
Accelerating Voltage: 30kV-300kV
Max. Resolution: 0.1 nm
Cold Field Emission Gun
Cryo Stage by Gatan
Dual-X EDS Detector by Bruker
EELS by Gatan (S/1077)
MicroED Package
STEM Tomography
Ceta-D camera
Windows 10

3DLM 3D Laser Scanning Microscope
Olympus Corp.
Motorized stage: 100 mm
Objective lenses: 5X, 10X, 20X, 50X, 100X
DIC mode
Laser: 405nm
Windows 10

AFM Atomic Force Microscope
Dimension Icon (AFM)

Bruker Corp. Modes: Contact, Tapping, and Peak Force (air)
Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM)
Electrostatic Force Microscopy (EFM)
High Accuracy Peak Force Mode (QNM)
High Efficiency DD Fluid Cell V2
Max. Resolution: Z< 0.1nm, x,y< 1nm
Windows 10
CLSM Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope
FV-3000 (CLSM)

Olympus Corp.
Lasers: 405/445/488/561/640nm
Objective lenses: 4X, 10X, 20X (oil), 60X (oil), 100X (oil)
Resonant and Galvo scanners
Motorized x/y/z-stage
Software: FV31S-SW
Windows 10
Tokai Hit Stage Top Incubator
Simple Entry Model STRF-WELSX-SET

FIB-SEM Electron Beam Lithography
Voyager (EBL)
Raith Nanofabrication
Located in the clean room at the BRIC
Field Emission Gun (FEG)
Accelerating Voltage 10kV-50kV
Beam Current: 50pA-40nA
Line Width: 10nm
Writefield: up to 500 microns
50MHz pattern generator
Traxx and Periodixx for stitching free writing
Windows 10

Fluorescence Microscope IX-81
Olympus Corp.
DP81, Peltier cooled 12.5MP digital camera
Fluorescence Filters
DAPI-filter: ext. 375-415nm, em. 440-480nm
GFP-filter: ext. 450-490nm, em. 500-550nm
TRITC/Cy3-filter: ext. 530-560nm, em. 590-650nm
CY5-filter: ext. 605-645nm, em. 650-710nm
Objective Lenses: 4x, 10X, 20X, 40X, 60X (oil), 100X (oil)
Motorized z-stage
Software: Cell Sens Dimension 2
Windows 10

FIB-SEM Focused Ion Beam Scanning Electron Microscope
Versa 3D (FIB-SEM)
FEI Company
ESEM / Low and High Vacuum Modes
Accelerating Voltage 200V-30kV
Max. Resolution: 1nm
Field Emission Gun (FEG)
Focused Ion Beam (FIB)
Secondary Electron (SE) Detector
Backscattered Electron (BSE) Detector
Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDS by EDAX)
Autoprobe 200.2 (Omniprobe)
6'' Piezo Stage
Integrated Plasma Cleaner
AutoSlice and View G3
Nanobuilder software
Windows 10

Light Microscope BX51
Olympus Corp.
XC-30, Peltier cooled 3.2MP digital camera
Objective lens: 1.25X, 4X, 10X, 40X, 50X
Polarized light
360 degree stage
Software: Cell Sens Dimension 3
Windows 10

Stereomicroscope SZX16 with fluorescence unit
Olympus Corp.
DP74, Peltier cooled 20MP digital camera
Slim LED Illumination base
Fiber optic illuminator with gooseneck light guides
UV-filter: ext. 330-385nm, em. 420nm+
GFP-filter: ext. 460-495nm, em. 510nm+
RFP-filter: ext. 530-550nm, em. 575nm+
Objective lens: 7x-115x; WD: 60mm
Software: Cell Sens Dimension 2
Windows 10

tabletop SEM Tabletop Scanning Electron Microscope
TM3030 Plus (Tabletop SEM)

Hitachi Ltd.
High and Low Vacuum Mode
Accelerating Voltage: 5kV, 15kV
Max. Resolution: 25 nm
Tungsten Filament
Secondary Electron (SE) Detector
Backscattered Electron (BSE) Detector
Windows 10

TEM Transmission Electron Microscope
JEM-1010 (TEM)

Accelerating Voltage: 10kV-100kV
Max. Resolution: 0.4 nm
Tungsten Filament
XR16 (16 Megapixel) digital camera (by AMT)
Windows 7

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