CMI - User Fees

The microscopes, service contracts and equipment are very expensive and the maintenance is very costly. Thus, fees are necessary for the upkeep and further development of our facility. Fees are charged for the actual usage time of the microscopes. Technical and scientific support is free of charge.

Additionally, training and workshops are free of charge for employees and students of Baylor University.

Microscope fee structure for 1 hour:

Olympus-CLSM: $25 (internal users); $80 (external users)

AFM: $18 (internal); $60 (external)

Brightfield-Microscope $0 (internal); $5 (external)

FIB-SEM: $60 (internal); $100 (external)

Stereomicroscope: $0 (internal); $5 (external)

Tabletop SEM: $10 (internal); $40 (external)

TEM: $36 (internal); $100 (external)

Minor equipment fee structure:

Computer Workstation: $0 (internal); $5 per hour (external)

Critical Point Dryer: $5 per run (internal); $20 per run (external)

Cryomicrotome: $5 per session/usage (max. 4h; internal); $20 per session/usage (external)

Sample Processor: $10 per run (internal); $50 per run (external)

Sputter Coater: $5 per run (internal); $20 per run (external)

Trimmer: $5 per session/usage (max. 4h, internal); $20 session/usage (max. 4h, external); $20 per hour (assisted)

Ultramicrotome: $10 per session (max. 2h, internal); $20 per session/usage (max. 2h, external); $20 per hour (assisted)

Vibrating Blade Microtome: $5 per session/usage (max. 4h, internal); $20 per session/usage (max. 4h, external)

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